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Olathe, KS 66062
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Olathe Karate Academy
Welcome to the Olathe Karate Academy!

A traditional school of the Martial Arts, we believe that the Martial Arts can be a great activity for the entire family. Not only do we teach solid, fundamental self-defense, but our academy focuses on core values and principles needed to succeed in every aspect of life!

Best of all, we are a NO CONTRACT martial arts school…hard to find these days!

Our system is strongly grounded in the traditional forms (kata) and fundamentals of:

Okinawan KenpoJamie and Ashleigh Palmer
     Hawaiian Kempo
          Okinawan Te Jujitsu (grappling),
                Okinawan Kobujitsu (weapons)
                                  and Arnis (stick fighting)

we emphasize techniques that work in the real world. Having been trained by military & law enforcement professionals, Kyoshi Jamie Palmer 6th Degree Black Belt and his wife, Sensei Ashleigh Palmer 5th Degree Black Belt, lead the Olathe Karate Academy team to truly teach and train in A WAY THAT MATTERS!

We are dedicated to maintaining 3 key aspects of the Martial Arts:

Quality - The Olathe Karate Academy provides consistent, high-quality martial arts instruction for each and every student. Having almost 30 years of martial arts training Kyoshi Jamie Palmer leads the school with his exceptional knowledge & skill.

Tradition - The Olathe Karate Academy is affiliated with the United States Kenpo Kobujitsu Federation, an organization that has been teaching martial arts & self-defense for nearly half a century! Under the direction of 9th degree black belt Hanshi Dan Kennedy (descendent of Master Seikichi Odo), the USKK is one of the few traditional martial arts organizations in the Kansas City area.

Excellence - The Olathe Karate Academy maintains an attitude of excellence in all aspects! From office procedures, to quality instruction, to a clean & sanitary facility, our team strives to make sure that every aspect of the dojo goes above & beyond normal standards.

3 Week Trial for only $33!
Power-Fit Kickboxing is a great way
to get in shape, lose weight, and tone your body, all in a fun and energetic environment. While listening to music, students are instructed and led in basic punching and kicking exercises.  Much emphasis is placed on bag work and bag gloves are required for the class.   Abdominal (core) exercises are a key focus in each and every class.   COME FEEL THE BURN!!!

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